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‘This is the perfect book to read on a day off, curled up on the sofa with a drink and some snacks, or on the beach whilst getting a suntan!’

Cultural Life Connection

‘This is Holmes’ debut novel and is bound not to be her last as she writes beautifully written prose and constructs very realistic characters.’ 

Indy Driven

‘Highly recommend this gem of a book and I look forward to seeing other books in the future from this author.’

Random Things Through My Letterbox

‘A Little Bird Told Me is a complex literary novel, filled with mystery and tension.’

Steph and Chris’s Book Review

‘Marianne Holmes wrote a good debut novel.’

Liz Loves Books

‘Clever, a little haunting, often unexpected, author Marianne Holmes is a talent to watch – her use of language brings the lives of her characters and the paths they wander to vivid, wonderful life.’


‘There is so much going on in A Little Bird Told Me, and yet the characterization and sense of place are what make it a unique and beautiful piece of fiction.’

Always Need More Books

‘I loved this debut – every time I put it down, I couldn’t wait to get back to it!’

Chick Lit Central

‘It’s wonderfully written, engaging, unnerving at times, but well-balanced.’ 

Syllables of Swathi

‘I highly recommend this literary fiction to readers who are interested in domestic noir.’

Buttercup Review

‘Make sure that if you’re interested in novels with a bit of mystery to them, definitely give this a try!’

3 Degrees of Fiction

‘All in all this was a good debut novel from Marianne Holmes and I would definitely read more of her books.’



‘A Little Bird Told Me is an impressive debut novel that will leave readers deeply affected by Robyn’s emotional journey to peace and resolution.’

Corey reads

‘Marianne Holmes is a brilliant writer who uses language in a beautiful and heartbreaking way.’

 My Bookish Blog Spot

‘What impressed, was the skill by which Holmes managed to add suspense to what was essentially a family drama.’

The Reader’s Corner

‘A wonderful, gripping story I cant recommend enough!’

Northern Reader

‘The recent past is a fascinating study here and the picture of childhood confusion is well created.’

Swift Coffee

‘All in all, I would say this is a good first novel based on a great idea.’

A Work in Progress 

‘This is a perfect fall read, a haunted kind of story that comes from the sort of ghosts that creep into your mind from memories half recalled and not fully formed.’ 

Reminders of the Changing Time

‘Brimming with lyrical, haunting prose, an abundance of tension, and artfully-crafted, truly alive characters, A Little Bird Told Me is a truly accomplished and dazzling debut.’ 

Laura Patricia Rose

‘The writing in this was beautiful, it was evocative, transporting and every little detail leapt of the page.’

The Haphazardous Hippo

‘An intriguing tale of family secrets and the long-lasting impact of keeping them hidden.’ 

On The Shelf Books

‘Holmes is such a talented voice. She draws the reader into her characters’ worlds and makes them live for us as we read.’


‘This is a well constructed coming of age novel seeped with intrigue and mystery.’



Beadyjans Books

‘For anyone who likes their Domestic Noir to have a kick in the tail and really make you think.’

Books and Me!

‘But the tension throughout this book was the hook that kept me transfixed!’

Dee’s Rad Reads & Reviews

‘It was a good debut novel. I’m interested in seeing what Marianne Holmes writes next.’

Emma’s Biblio Treasures

‘The bond between Kit and Robyn and the intricacies of sibling relationships, are pivotal to this story and are well written.’ 

Jane Hunt Writer

‘Perfect for those who appreciate literary fiction and enjoy authentic characters and settings.’

Linda’s Book Bag

‘I love it when a book makes me put my life on hold to read it.’

Mrs. Mommy Booknerds

‘A story you will long to talk about!’ 

Portable Magic

‘The writing is beautiful, and I found myself rereading paragraphs for the sheer joy of revisiting the images the words portrayed.’ 

Sandy’s Book A Day Blog

‘This is a slow burner of a book. It is a book that is, in places, eloquent and lyrical, in others, brutal and raw.’